Passion for wood-crafting

We’ve developed a family-owned company by mixing our passion for woodworking and environmental sustainability, aiming to transform salvaged wood into exquisite WoodArt.

In the first phase, our company collaborated and grew thanks to the recommendations of our friends and first customers. We’ve started by creating unique dining and coffee tables, and as we learned and evolved, we’ve expanded production to home and office accessories, including mirror frames and lamps. All made exclusively from salvaged hardwood.

For us, wood-crafting represents passion converted into business. Because we believe that materializing passion can lead to excellence.

Handmade and hands-on

Designing our products is a collaborative process, with each client playing an essential role in the creative team.

Once the concept is established, we present and guide our clients through the selection process and available options for each design element (table bases, colors, etc.) and then draft the first sketches.

Each piece we create in our shop is unique, handmade, and customized according to our client's preferences; therefore, prices are provided upon request, based on our clients needs, creative choices, and adapted to their budgets.